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The main characteristics of the traditional paper cutting machine and its defect

Paper cutting machine is the main characteristics of magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, through the system control, a dc voltage to the output, control the resistance of the magnetic powder clutch. The main advantage is the passive device, can control the tension of smaller. Paper cutting machine faults mainly exists in it not high, the speed of high-speed magnetic powder high-speed friction caused by the runtime easily, produce high temperature, magnetic powder clutch fever and shorten its life.

With cutter cut a certain width of the coil on the longitudinal cutting, cutting down the narrow volume classification used in the device. It in a calender or extrusion molding machine, coating machine device such as a unit, can complete the continuous cutting, often with a winding device. Paper cutting machine cutting knife available flat and round mouth knife. Paper cutting machine series products of the processing machinery: the paper cutting machine, small paper cutting machine, paper cutting machine, high speed cutting machine cutting machine of metal processing machinery, such as: strip cutting machine, copper cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, stainless steel cutting machine, the classification of tinplate bisected cutting machine cutting machine. Types of the cutting machine is increasing, also have different classification method. According to the requirements of cutting paper size can be divided into the paper cutting machine and small paper cutting machine.

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